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Kolašin 1600

State of Montenegro

Project type

The zone of the mountain center Kolasin 1450 is located in the south of Bjelasica area at the territory of the municipality of Kolasin.

The area of the mountain center Kolasin 1450 and Kolasin 1600 is of 1.117. ha of surface area, comprising the existing mountain center in Kolasin.

The zone for the base settlement is located at the central part of the mountain center at 1600 meters above sea level covering the surface area of 27,19 ha.

Scope area boundaries 

The scope boundaries of the base settlement are defined by coordinates of break points and they are presented in the graphic schedule “Geodetic base with the scope area boundaries”.

Spatial organisation principles 

The access to the base settlement is organized from the direction of Kolasin -1450 and from the direction of Lubnica-Berane. A network of internal traffic routes is planned inside the zone for access to the groups of planned facilities.

Basic uses of spaces 

The basic uses of spaces are:

hospitality commercial facilities;
transport areas (service and pedestrian communications);
developed green areas.
More information about Kolasin following this link

Sale of the Former Military Facilities Radoje Dakić in Žabljak

State of Montenegro

Project type

Total surface area

The site being sold is located in the centre of Žabljak, at 1,456m² above sea level, close to the hotel Žabljak, at a distance of about 500m from the hotel Planinka and adjoining the medical centre and hospital in Žabljak. The Black Lake is about 2km away from the site. Mountain ranges and high conifers stretch around the lake, making it one of the most beautiful sceneries in Europe. There is a ski jumping facility in the vicinity of the site, which was used some fifty years ago, bearing witness to the skiing tradition of this region.

The site includes land owned by Montenegro with the surface area of 20,616 m². There are 14 structures on the location.

The site can be reached by asphalt road. There is a bank, post office, market, shops and other urban amenities in the immediate vicinity of the site.

The site was represented in detail in the Detailed Urban Plan for Žabljak, whose adoption procedure is under way. The plan envisions construction of a mixed use tourist resort with a 3 to 4 star hotel, integrated into the environment.

More information about this location following this link

Tourism Valorisation of Mamula Island in Herceg Novi

State of Montenegro

Project type

Total surface area
Mamula fortress was built in 1853 on the rocky, circular island of Lastavica, with a surface area of 31,848m², with a diameter of approximately 200 meters. The island is located at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor, about 3.5 nautical miles (6.3 km) away from Herceg Novi. The fortress was built by Austro-hungarian Empire as one of the most important fortifications for the protection of the entrance to the Bay of Kotor.. This magnificent historical structure can only be accessed via sea. No infrastructure is currently available to the site. The site is located within the marine zone facilitated by the Public enterprise for Management of Marine Zone “Morsko dobro”, and is listed in the Registry of cultural monuments.

The site is part of the State Location Study “Sector 34″ within zone E, within the building plot UPE.1.

The position of island Lastavica, along with the fortress Mamula requires the concept of an exclusive tourist resort, with facilities for recreational activities and relaxation, well embedded into the site, which do not threaten the historic character nor the natural environment of the site and landscape. The new resort will be complementary to the development of tourism in the coastal area of Montenegro. The plan envisions a maximum of 30 ‘two-level’ accommodation units with 66 beds totalling a GBA of 20,565m².

More information about Mamula following this link

Tourism Valorisation of Sites between Njivice and Estuary of Sutorina River, Herceg Novi

State of Montenegro

Project type


Total surface area
Land of 30,597m² and aquatorium of 17,313m²

The site is located south of the estuary of Sutorina River and north of Njivice settlement. The site is 5 km away from the centre of Igalo and around 9 km away from the centre of herceg Novi.

The area is confined by the beach at ‘Pećine’ on the north side, by the Njivice-Kobila-Prevlaka road on the western side, by the settlement Njivice on the south side and by the sea coast on the east side.

A detailed representation of the site between Njivice and the estuary of Sutorina River was made within the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for the area facilitated by the Public enterprise for Management of Marine Zone “Morsko dobro”.

Planning documents provide for an opportunity to create of a hotel with approximately 1,000 m² of commercial and common rooms, apartment block of up to 7,000 m² containing 80-100 hotel apartments, commercial premises complex of up to 700 m², 300 m² yachting service and 1,000 m2 garage area (total 2,000 m²); construction of commercial and apartment amenities with a total of eight hotel apartments and 300 m2 of office space (total 600 m²) in the rear of the boat mooring. The plan envisions a 5,000 m² beach and 40 berth marina for the use of the hotel and 15 berths for local boats.

More information following this link

Tourism Valorisation of the Military and Tourist Complex Barracks Mediteran in Žabljak

State of Montenegro

Project type

Total surface area

The Military and Tourist complex Military facilities Mediteran in Žabljak covers the land with a surface area of 13,951 m². The complex comes with a total of 20 structures with a gross surface area of 487 m² that used to be a part of the former military and tourist resort. There are no registered encumbrances or restrictions on the property.

The complex is located in the settlement of Otoka, only 2km from the town centre, on a gentle slope that borders the road from Žabljak to the Black Lake.

The complex is covered by the Special Purpose Spatial Plan for the Durmitor area, as part of the detailed representation of the site of the former military resort, Žabljak municipality. The draft plan was developed and there are ongoing activities to adopt the plan. The plan provides for the demolition of existing buildings and construction of a new three star and four star tourist settlement, with the possibility to reconstruct a part of the existing facilities. The settlement is to incorporate a central building with related amenities (reception desk, cafe, restaurant) and 6 rooms, as well as 19 bungalows, with the total capacity of the complex of 66 beds.

The complex has infrastructure in place.

More information about this location following this link

Tourism Valorisation of Vranjina Site with Lesendro

State of Montenegro

Project type

Total surface area

This zone relies on two major traffic routes (railroad from Belgrade-Bar and the corridor of the road Podgorica-Petrovac and Podgorica- Sozina-Bar). The network of internal roads in the settlement Vranjina is not developed. The settlement itself is facing the unpaved pedestrian area along the shore which requires complete reconstruction. There are existing dirt roads outside of the settlement which lead to the old stone bridge on the south side and that were also paved in the past. There is an extensive network of hiking trails within the settlement.

The Analysis of property best use is on going in cooperation with the Ministry of finance and the Real Estate Administration. An information paper on the status of property best use is currently being drafted.

The site is covered by State Location Studies for Vranjina with Lesendro.

The site covers an area of 13,132 m² and is to feature an ecolodge tourist resort with 30 objects servicing visitors to the resort with a maximum capacity of 61 beds. The investment is also to include an info desk, a souvenir shop, a healthy food traditionally designed restaurant that will serve organic, locally grown food, conference hall capacity 50 seats, wellness and SPA zone located on the waterfront, a beach with a cafe bar, and a viewpoint relaxation zone.

More information about Lesendro following this link

Valorisation of the Military and Tourist Complex Bigova-Trašte

State of Montenegro
Project type
Total surface area
Land of 38,490m² and aquatorium of 42,249m²

The land of 38,490m² with 44,249m² of aquatorium owned by the State of Montenegro and currently with 43 building structures, is a prime waterfront location, situated in the breathtaking Bigova Cove. Bigova Cove is located in the Bay of Trašte, Donji Grbalj and easily accessible from Tivat, Kotor Budva, all within 30km.

The site is connected to the Adriatic highway and close to Tivat Airport and Porto Montenegro marina.

The site is covered by the State Location Study Sector 38 – Bigova, and the local location study Trašte.

The location study in question provides for the construction of an exclusive marina and tourist complex with a minimum 4-star category hotel with the capacity of 328 rooms – the location study also envisions a transport and commercial centre, a parking area, annexes with accommodation units of TYPE A, TYPE B and TYPE C and villas TYPE A. The project is also proposed to include a marina with up to 150 berths and related amenities and a Beach club located towards the shore of the cove.

More information about this tourist complex Bigovo-Traste following this link


Address:Street Slobode number 1, 81 000 Podgorica

Montenegro Post has operated as an independent business entity since April 1999, when company PE PTT transport of Montenegro (JP PTT saobraćaja Crne Gore), until that moment a unique company, was divided into Montenegro Post (Pošta Crne Gore DOO) and Montenegro Telekom (Telekom Crne Gore AD).
Upon decision of the Government of Montenegro from its session held on 17.11.2011, Montenegro Post was restructured into a single-member shareholders company with full state ownership.
The Commercial Court in Podgorica passed the Decision on Deleting Montenegro Post (Pošta Crne Gore DOO) with register number 5-0073164/016 from the records of the Central Register of the Commercial Court on 02.02.2012 and the Decision on Restructuring registering establishment of Montenegro Post (Pošta Crne Gore Akcionarsko društvo Podgorica) with register number 4-0009338/001.
By passing the Decision on Registration passed on 06.02.2012 by the Tax Administration Local Unit Podgorica Montenegro Post was registered in the register of tax payers with register number (PIB) 02867940.
On 08.02.2012 the Securities Commission passed the Decision on entering Montenegro Post into the Register of Securities Issuers with the Securities Commission. The subscribed capital in the Register Paper amounts to €35,331,033.00, the number of shares issued is 258,437 while the nominal value of one share is €136.71042.
According to the Restructuring Programme for Montenegro Post passed by the Government of Montenegro in November 2009, it was envisaged, after alteration of the status form from LLC to JSC (DOO into AD) with full state ownership, for the Post to be divided into two companies as follows: Postal Operator i.e. a company which will provide postal services and Postal Infrastructure which will deal with everything not covered by the Postal Operator. After that the Programme envisaged privatization and/or joint investment into the company which will provide postal services.
An independent assessor was hired in the restructuring procedure for provision of consulting services and assessment of the property and capital value. Assessment of the value of services was not carried out within the restructuring activities, and therefore it will be necessary o conduct a separate assessment after division into services and infrastructure.
Pursuant to the Decision on the Privatization Plan for 2012 passed by the Government of Montenegro (Official Gazette of the Republic of Montenegro no. 15 from 2012) Montenegro Post will be restructured by a public-private partnership in 2012 through tender procedure.


1. Title: AD Marina
2. Address: Obala 13 jula bb, 85000 Bar
3. Telephone/fax: +382 (30) 316-529 / 317-786 / 312-083 /
311-135 / 313-906
+382 (30) 315-166,317-786, 312-083

5. Web site:

6. Incorporation of the Company AD Marina Bar is registered as autonomous legal entity at the Commercial court at Podgorica on June 11,2001. and it actually commenced its business operations on July 16,2001. Based on the Company Law, the Company was reregistered and the Central registry of the Commercial court at Podgorica issued relevant certificate attesting that AD “Marina” Bar is registered under number 4-0001451/013 on August 12, 2007. The Republic Bureau for statistics of Montenegro isued the Certificate of classification of AD Marina Bar no. 07-12/4-0001451.
7. Oblik organizovanja Shareholding company
8. Code of activity 9329 other entertainment and recreational activities
9. Registration number 02333155
10. Tax number 02333155
11. VAT registration number 80/31-00175-8
12. Tax payer number 80 -01 – 00312 – 8
13. Other activities
Provided for by the Statute In legal operations, AD Marina Bar acts in its own name and on its own behalf. It is solely liable for its obligations, holds its own transfer account no. 550-8628-98 with Societe Generale Podgorica and Prva Banka CG- Transfer account no. 535- 11943-43
The trademark of the Marina consists of two sails with indicated longitude and latitude of the location of the and incripted text ” BAR “.

AD Marina Bar is a functional – organizational and economic entity with projected capacity of 738 sea berths and 250 land berths, including all other accompanying facilities for reception of yachts and vessels and provision of high-quality services to all prospective consumers of nautical tourism. It is classed as one of the largest facility for nautical tourism on the Adriatic sea and the largest on the Montenegrin coast.

What should be particularly pointed out is the location of the Marina as compared to its nighbourhood and entrance into the Adriatic sea. The position of the Marina is determined by the geographic coordinates: 42o 05′ northen latitude and i 19o 05′ eastern longitude and the fact that it is located at the distance of 104 Nm from the Otranto, relatively close to sea coasts of Greek, Croatia, Albania and Italy, that it is situated on the exceptionally tourist-attractive Montegrin coasts, so all these factors illustrate its exceptionally favourable macro geographic location.

The location of the Marina is exceptionally favourable in terms of micro geography because of its location in the center of the most attractive tourist supply of the area of Bar. It is located in the city core of Bar, surrounded by town beach, promenade, passenger terminal with modern border crossing. In its close vicinity there are very convenient infra- and superstructures (luxurious hotel, various catering and shopping facilities, banks, post-office, sport terrains, cultural-entertaintment facilities, museum, health center and so on).

The Marina Bar, as leading factor in development of nautical tourism in Montenegro is commited, at the same time respecting market demands, to upgrade its total offer which involves continuous development of the company. The area of the Marina extends to 148.000 m2, the length of the operational quay is 3700m. The Company follows and implements new standards with a view of fulfilling its tasks and provision of services for meeting demands of the nautical consumers that become more and more demanding.

65% of Marina territory is developed and it means that we expect intense investment activity in the forthcoming period until the final competion of the Marina. In the previous period substantial investment activities were conducted aimed at creating necessary prerequisites for basic operation of the Marina and rendering required services to all our clients. Adopting the State study for the location of the part of the sector 56 allows drafting project-technical documentatiuon for start of the investment cycle aimed at realization of the planned investments of the future Strategic partner in the next 3-5 years.

This plan demonstates necessity and target to establish, through valorization of maximum amount of current assets, up-to-date organization of work and provide an adequate business system management in newly created conditions and privatization process. The aim is also to provide, through new capital investments, high quality and diversified offerings of top service programme in oder to meet highest standards of the Marina, what can be provided only through capital investment programme of new majority owner of AD Marina.

To achieve the targets it is necessary to establish the strategy and through analysis of the current capacities, to make assessment of market position of the Marina with macro and micro ekonomic indicators, strong and weak points, key factors of success and finaly, through aggressive marketing plan, create prerequisites for achieving planned financial results. Investment and development plan of the AD Marina Bar is defined in the State study for the Location of the Part of the sector 56. Upon realization of all planned capital investments by which the Marina is to be put into its complete – optimum function, it is likely that this Shareholding company will be sucessfully positioned at the market as a complete functional and economic entity and in the long run make profit with high standards of services.

Institute for Physical medicine, rehabilitation and rheumatology „Dr. Simo Milošević“ AD, Igalo

Comercial Court data: Visit Commercial Court web site
Address: Sava Ilića 5 Igalo
Telephone: +382 31 658 111
Business activity: Medical rehabilitation
Employees: 848

Institute for Physical medicine, rehabilitation and rheumatology „Dr. Simo Milošević“ AD, Igalo is the largest and the most important multidisciplinary health and recreational centre in Montenegro and in the region of Mediterranean at the top waterfront posiion.

Acquisition of a majority stake(56,4806% of a total capital)owned by the State of Montenegro, through the international public tender.

The investment provides an opportunity to enter a rapidy growing medical and hospitality market with a significant upside potential and to join a successful local team of medical professionals with a platform for future growth in this specific service sector.